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Pamela Dennison, CDBC
Positive Motivation Dog Training, LLC

Location Address: 418 E Washington Ave, (Rte 57)
Port Colden Mall (near DMV)
Washington, New Jersey, 07882
Telephone: 908-459-5244 (number will not accept texts*)
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NOTE: Please set your SPAM filter so that email from www.positivedogs.com is accepted.

If you use this contact form or email me and don’t hear back within 48 hours, please either call me at 908-459-5244, or check your junk mail – like all sites, sometimes www.positivedogs.com can be filtered as SPAM!

*Also - because of SPAM texts - I've also had to block texting at this number - so please CALL instead!

If you email me and you have AOL, please, you must give me your phone number, or allow email from postivedogs.com into your address book first. I now have a MAC and MAC hates AOL or it may be the other way around <g>