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PMDT Exhibition - May, 2011

On May 14th we had a great exhibition to show what's going on at PMDT! Many thanks (in no particular order) to: Judy, Donna, Kelli, Susi, Ashley, Cindy, Amanda, Jean, Sue, Maria, Yvonne, Patti, Lynn, Karen, Sandy and Marie for all of their work, dedication and desire!

In case you missed it or would like to see more - below is an video - along with photos of the action in more detail. A SPECIAL THANKS for the video and photos to my talented students Kathy Scali and Joanne Soldano. Also to Erica - our backstage crew that kept us all hopping!


Little known facts:

The Border collie you see for Dueling Tricks and Drill Team is none other than Shadow, of Bringing Light to Shadow; A Dog Trainer's Diary fame.

The Bassett Hound you see in Drill Team is Gertie, a retired Search and Rescue Dog and a graduate of my aggressive dog classes.

The puppies you see were all 6 months old at the time and they will be featured in my Complete Idiot's Guide to Positive Dog Training Online Class.

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