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Training the Whistle Recall - DVD with Pamela Dennison + 1 Whistle & Lanyard

Training the Whistle Recall - DVD

Coming when called is probably the most important behavior you can teach your dog. It's about security, freedom, and can even be life-saving!

This DVD is outlind for a 5 week program of training your dog to come to a whistle.

NOTE: Please use a real whistle, not a silent dog one. It is my belief that the silent whistles are really broken ones and they are being foisted onto an unsuspecting public. —Pam

$20.00 + S&H  


  • White text on purple whistle with purple lanyard or
  • White text on hunter green whistle with hunter green lanyard.

* may be shipped in any color combination, depending on availability.

PLEASE NOTE: if you are NOT from the Continental U.S. or Canada, before ordering via Paypal, contact Pam directly for shipping costs.


WON the prestigious 2009 Maxwell Award from the Dog Writers Association of America!

I love this DVD! Broken down into small, simple steps with Pam's good humor. I started a small class with 4 dogs and it's going fantastic! Everyone is so pleased with their dog's progress. At first, everyone was doubtful about everything from the process to the whistle, but the results changed their mind, and the whistle is so light and easy to use that they just put it on without a thought now. I supply bait for class so that I know everyone has something super-enticing for the dogs. This is easy enough for any owner to do on their own! I highly recommend this DVD over the others that I've bought. —Jill Kessler Miller

I recently purchased your Whistle Recall DVD, and I really like it. I have a wonderful Standard Poodle who does many things well. However, he’s never had a consistent recall (other than in the ring). So, I bought your DVD, followed your instructions, and voila! I now have a dog who does a very nice recall (other than if he’s chasing deer or squirrels, but we’re working on that). Thanks very much for a DVD with very clear instructions and wonderful demonstrations by your pups. —Rhonda

I bought your Clicker/Rally book. Simon (my reactive Golden retriever, now 7 years old) was deemed dumb, aggressive, will never be a show dog. I bought your book, worked for 6 months, and Simon took 2 first places in his first Novice Rally. We are now working on our RAE (We have 4 legs). Because of your book and clicker training Simon has always placed every time he showed!!!! Yahoooo! —Ada, NY

Two weeks ago I bought your "whistle recall " DVD, and I just wanted to say a big thank you to you for producing such a good DVD, I tend to rush things, especially reading! so it was great to have to listen and watch how each step has to be taught. . .This morning I took my dogs out after I got back from a night shift and without thinking let all 3 aussies out of my car on a small normally deserted farm road, the youngest chases vehicles and so I was horrified to see a car coming towards us, Fred also saw it and just as he started to go I grabbed my whistle and blew it, Fred turned round and raced back to me ! and sat while I gave him a mega jackpot of chicken. . . Thank you MORE —Mandy Bootsma, Murdock, Ginger and Fred, The Netherlands

THE WHISTLE RECALL is a treasure and a bargain - complete with a whistle! It's a very accessible and straightforward DVD that breaks down the steps to achieving a successful recall, valuable for those with multiple dog households, for those who hike with dogs as well as those who walk off leash in larger suburban and city parks. . . MOREPeg Munves, CPDT



Are You Biting Off More Than You Can Chew?
Are You Really Ready to Work With Aggression Cases?

PDF: $15.00


I have to warn you. This is not a “touchy-feely, warm and fuzzy” book. Running safe and successful aggressive dog classes is hard. This book will ask you many questions about your own creativity, sensitivity and skills - as a trainer, a confidant, and a mind reader to both dog and human. I will be asking you to be honest about your limitations and your expertise.

Just because you want to do something, doesn’t mean you can (or should). I always wanted to be a runway model, but at 5 feet tall and usually about 5-10 pounds overweight, it just wasn’t going to happen.

My tone may seem a bit blunt or snippy, but it isn’t meant to be that way. However, it is meant to make you think, really think about all that’s involved in working with aggressive dogs, leading an aggressive dog class and help you decide if you should run such a class. This will require a great deal of thought, soul-searching and planning on your part.

I don’t mean to scare you off or discourage you, but I want to make sure you understand the severity of the situation when working with an aggressive dog. When something goes wrong in a pet class, like spilling water or peeing on the floor, it’s no big deal, but when something goes wrong in an aggressive dog class, it can go very wrong. The stakes are higher and you could be looking at serious injuries and a lawsuit.

This is not a “how to” book. It’s a book that poses the questions, “should you?” I will be asking you really hard questions about your own training chops and expertise with aggression.

The R.E.W.A.R.D. Zone DVD!

3 DVD set: $75.00
PLUS S&H - $6.00 (USA) ~ $8.00 (Canada) ~ $15.00 (International)

SELECT SHIPPING LOCATION BELOW (Price includes shipping):

Aggression Management Using Positive Reinforcement Techniques. Taped LIVE at various locations, this exciting menu driven 3 DVD set of The R.E.W.A.R.D. Zone seminar will lead you to success in working with your own aggressive/reactive dog or teach you to help others.

Because of the nature of living with an aggressive dog, you'll need to understand that one simply can't get the aggression "to just go away." Nature abhors a vacuum and we will fill the behavioral space with relevant, stimulating and fun skills for you and your dog. [read more]

I am VERY proud to announce that "The R.E.W.A.R.D. Zone for Aggressive & Reactive Dogs" DVD (Shadow Publishing) has been nominated by the DWAA for Best Training DVD!!!!!!!!!!!

Below is a sample from the DVD:

Pam Dennison's R.E.W.A.R.D. Zone for modifying reactive/aggressive dog behavior brings a fresh, new and exciting approach to a training world dominated by C.A.T., B.A.T., L.A.T. and counter conditioning methods.

By helping the dog become enthusiastically engaged in a variety of training games and exercises and generously reinforcing behaviors that are incompatible with reactivity and aggression, the R.E.W.A.R.D. Zone process creates a positive association with the training environment. This happy association generalizes with the careful introduction of the stimuli that the dog was previously reacting to. The dog becomes so attentive to his handler and so engaged in the training activities that the other dog, human, or whatever, essentially becomes an irrelevant non-issue.

The counter conditioning/desensitization process is almost incidental to the operant training exercises, and seems to occur more quickly, and without the dreary drudgery that can be part of a straight counter conditioning program. I'm already contemplating how to add some of these very effective attention exercises into our own Reactive Rover workshops.

.... The information that Pam is offering is valuable, and deserves to be fully heard.... by the time I got to the end of the second disc I was sold.

Pat Miller, CBCC-KA, CPDT-KA, Peaceable Paws, Fairplay, MD

Review: The sessions were very informative for people trying to understand the complexity of helping dogs with arousal/aggression issues. The thing I found helpful is the emphasis you put on evaluating the handler/dog teams as to the behaviors the dogs responded to, and the way you explained the degree that these “foundation behaviors” played in the outcome of the retraining process. In addition, the way you ended the sessions with the teams getting something useful accomplished, but didn’t try and give the teams too much to work on was also refreshing. The methodical approach you used is right in line with how I have learned to coach people to train their animals in a successful way.

Overall, it’s a good product that can surely benefit those trainers in the industry starting out with more complex behavior cases and has some good pointers for even the more experienced ones too. Ken McCort, Animal Trainer Doylestown, Ohio


The Magic of Shaping DVDThe Magic of Shaping: Explore the Possibilities - DVD

$50.00 + S&H  

Approved for 4 CEUs. (Information on how to apply can be found in the DVD. Keep your proof of purchase records to submit with application for CEUs)

Shaping is incredibly fun to teach; however, sometimes the mechanics of getting started may be daunting. While completing a behavior is very exciting, the real thrill is the process itself. From the first glimmer of understanding to the light bulb fully on, each step is a joy to behold.

With shaping, your timing and creativity will improve, you will become better at recognizing small approximations and learn how and when to raise criteria--or when not to raise criteria, when to try something different, end a particular session and when to keep going.

You and your dog will become a more close-knit team while pursuing these fun and functional behaviors. User friendly instructions are demonstrated with "real" dogs and their handlers, showing the process of working through each of these 21+ versatile behaviors.

  • Wipe your feet
  • Grind toenails
  • Go around objects
  • Weave Poles
  • Nose target hand
  • Heeling
  • Nose target object
  • Muzzle training
  • Close a door
  • Go Outs
  • Ride skateboard
  • Say your prayers
  • Go to crate
  • Teeter
  • Retrieve
  • Chin
  • Cheek
  • Tire
  • Bow
  • Shaping the "real" world
  • ....and more!

Many of them are useful for a multitude of different behaviors. From agility to rally and competition obedience, to musical freestyle to animal husbandry, the behaviors in this video will keep you hopping!


PLEASE NOTE: if you are NOT from the Continental U.S. or Canada, before ordering via Paypal, contact Pam directly for shipping costs.
Positive Motivation Dog Training T-Shirt
Positive Motivation Dog Training T-shirt
Front Back
Front Text:
Positive Methods,
Positive Results
Positive Motivation
Dog Training
Back Text:
If you don't have
time to train your dog,
get a stuffed animal

X-Large Size only
$18.00 + S&H 

Only 4 left! Order now!
Positive Dogs Whistle & Lanyard

Whistle is printed with "Positivedogs.com".


  • White text on purple whistle with purple lanyard or
  • White text on black whistile with maroon lanyard.
  • White text on navy whistle with royal blue lanyard.

* may be shipped in either color combination, depending on availability.

$6.00 + S&H 
Choose Quantity


Positive Dogs Leather Tracking Harness
Positive Dogs Harness - Front View Positive Dogs Harness - Side View

Medium fits dogs 40 lbs (like a Border Collie) to approx. 100 lbs. (like a Malamute).

Large will fit very deep chested dogs (like some GSDs or Bernese Mtn Dogs), or dogs over 100 lbs.

Colors are either a beautiful rich brown or classy black. Please specify which color and size needed.

If you are unsure of harness measurements - please give me a call before ordering, and I'll help you make the right choice! —Pam

Medium: $90.00 + S&H
Large: $95.00 + S&H
Choose Color/Size

On September 6, Pam did a live webinar on:

Setting Up Your Own Aggressive Dog Classes through dog ibox. It is now available as a recorded webinar.

Earn 2 CEUs from CCPDT & IAABC!   [learn more / purchase]

Pam's Books & DVDs available from Alpine Publishers, Dogwise.com, or Barkleigh Productions as well as Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble, Booksamillion, INDIE BOUND, and Borders
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How to Right a Dog Gone WrongHow to Right a Dog Gone Wrong: A Roadmap For Rehabilitating Aggressive
by Pamela Dennison

$20.00 + S&H 

Will help anyone with a dog that has aggressive tendencies, whether it is a young dog that shows aggression when you remove the food bowl, a dog-aggressive dog that you are afraid to walk in the park, or a dog that is aggressive towards family and friends. Readers will gain an understanding of the causes of aggression and the various ways of dealing with it - including a step by step program of rehabilitation that has been used successfully on hundreds of dogs, large and small, in all breeds.

Nominated by the DWAA for the HSUS Compassionate Care Award for the 2005 writing contest!

Read the Dog News Book Review By Captain Haggerty

Read the Dog World Review by Janine Adams

  Civilizing the City DogCivilizing the City Dog: A Guide to Rehabilitating Aggressive Dogs in an Urban Environment by Pamela Dennison

$10.00 + S&H 

People living in larger urban areas have very unique situations and encounters, and often, it can be next to impossible to create enough safe and comfortable space between the aggressive dog and the provoking stimuli.

Civilizing the City Dog was written with those people in mind. In it, Dennison addresses these particular needs by focusing on those issues inherent to life in the city with the aggressive or proactive dog.

If you are working with an aggressive dog in a metropolitan environment, be sure you have both this and How to Right A Dog Gone Wrong. Re-training an aggressive dog is possible and can be successful!


The Complete Idiot's Guide to Positive Dog Training, 3rd Ed by Pamela Dennison

Available from Amazon.com


Fascinating insights into how dogs learn and communicate, proven pointers for training without punishment, and expert tips for incorporating training into your daily routine.

Plus - advice on stopping problem behaviors before they start, hints on building a relationship with your dog and helping him enjoy behaving properly.

  Bringing Light to ShadowBringing Light to Shadow - A Dog Trainer's Diary by Pamela Dennison.

$20.00 + S&H 

Learn how difficult it is, even for a professional dog trainer, to handle a dog with a past - and a temper too. From the diary of a trainer who refused to give up while using positive, no-force training methods. Every dog trainer will enjoy reading this fascinating story.

Read the update on Shadow's story!

Read the Dog News Book Review By Captain Haggerty

Click Your Way to Rally Obedience - REVISED Edition - by Pamela Dennison.

$23.00 + S&H 

Includes the specifics of how to train for Rally obedience - both AKC and APDT exercises, using positive methods. There is also a section on ring etiquette and even proper attire. Loaded with pictures and step by step instructions, this book will take you through all three levels of each venue. There are also pointers about "strategy" and positive proofing.

The Revised Edition of Click Your Way to Rally Obedience includes all of the new APDT signs - from the original dates of 2005 to the present - 2010. The newest bonus exercises as well as the newest regular signs. Step by step instruction for each one of these are included!

Read the Reviews!