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Training the Whistle Recall Curriculum Book

Training the Whistle Recall - DVDThe Training the Whistle Recall Curriculum Book (.pdf) will show you how to teach your students to have a rock solid recall based on my DVD, Training the Whistle Recall. It is based on a five week program with one "pre" week before you actually meet with the class.

You don’t need to have your own facility for this class.

I have added additional recall exercises to assist with building a strong foundation.

If you and your students work the program slowly, carefully, thoughtfully, and diligently, you’ll have the recall of your dreams!


Your book will be sent via email.

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Training the Whistle Recall - DVDTraining the Whistle Recall DVD & One Whistle
with Pamela Dennison

about the DVD]

$20.00 + S&H

The whistle training was a huge success! Steve and I took the "posse" out for a long woods walk yesterday. Velvet, my really fast black one, loves to have the other 2 chase her through the woods. She took off, with the others tailing her, and all disappeared over a ridge about 1/4 mile ahead of us. I blew the whistle and within seconds, all 3 of them came flying back to me and screeched to a sitting stop! They are such smart girls and picked it up very quickly, but seeing it in action, outside of their training environment, was great! No more screaming over the noise of racing dogs for me! Thanks!


CONTACT PAM if you would like to host your own seminar!

Become a Certified Whistle Recall Instructor!

To qualify:

  1. Take video clips of your class (at least 3 different exercises).
  2. Upload to youtube and send me the links, along with a check (or Paypal payment) for $175.00.

Once I view and approve them, I will send you a "Certified Whistle Recall Instructor" certificate and certification seal.

Benefits of being a Certified Whistle Recall Instructor

  • Your name and contact information will be on my website under Certified Whistle Recall Instructors
  • As a Certified Whistle Recall Instructor, you will be eligible to purchase extra whistles and/or DVDs at a discounted rate (40% off the regular price)
  • CCPDT is offering 4 CEU's for Trainers and 2.5 CEU's for Behavior Consultants for Certified Whistle Recall Instructors!
  • You’ll be entitled to use the logo on your website to help promote the class
  • You’ll be included in my private yahoo group!

Your certificates and certification logos will be sent via email once your videos have been approved by Pam Dennison.

IMPORTANT: Check your SPAM settings to allow email from the Positivedogs.com domain.